the animal art of toni hargreaves


Cows on canvas sprinkled with a few others which slipped under the wire! Wander through the cow fields and chew the cud with the characters on the following pages.

This site shows some of my new exciting contemporary work featuring quite a few cow paintings with a liberal sprinkling of sheep, donkeys and a little pinch of pig paintings - Enjoy!

Have a browse by clicking on the links above and if you would like any information about the work on the following pages, would like an e catalogue or if you are interested in commissioning your own painting then please e mail me using the button below or to:


welcome to the bovine world of cow painter and cow artist toni hargreaves


My animals are not cuddly toys so I don't seek to portray the cute factor in my work. I like the individualistic nature of them and whether that comes across as docile or plain bad tempered for example, then that's what I paint.